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 Tent Sales

Please enquire on our specials and tell us if you are working on a budget. Our rates are negotiable.

You can either buy a tent that we already have in stock or have one taylor made to your specific needs in any shape, colour and size.

You also have the option of sharing 50% interest at a price of +/- 70% discount on retail price.

Prices are as follows:

For joint Venture:

7.5 x 10 – R10 000
10 x 15 – R19 800
15 x 20 – R39 600
20 x 30 – R79 200

(double layer waterproof tent with all equipment) – Training and Transport Cost excluded

Retail selling of tents:

7.5 x 10 – R30 000
10 x 15 – R60 000
15 x 20 – R120 000
20 x 30 – R240 000

Tent sizes:

7.5 x 10 = 75 people standing or 35 people max sitting
10 x 15 = 150 people standing or 75 people max sitting
15 x 20 = 300 people standing or 150 people max sitting
20 x 30= 600 people standing or 300 people max sitting

These are the most common sizes, but let us know if there is another size you seek.

Tent colours:

White, Black, Red, Blue, Green, beige, Grey, Orange and Pink – more abstract colours available on order.

Our equipment:

A detailed list of all the equipment included with the tent will be given to you with your enquiry. Each peace has its purpose, so please make sure everything is in its place. This will ensure the safety of your guests and a longer lifespan for the tent.

Manufacturing time:

You should always advise on the time we have when manufacturing a tent as the size, colour, type of material and location to deliver to will play a big role. For our bigger tents, it does not take longer than 21 working days.


We will come to your venue and help you with choosing the right size, colour and material. We can also offer our advise on different layouts for example where to setup your dancefloor and bar or how to put up lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for events.

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