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 Tent Hire

We have the perfect covering for even the smallest of functions, great for showing your neighbours what you are capable of.  The perfect covering is indeed one of the key elements of setting the right scene.

As Events/Wedding Coordinator that hosts weddings/events you can hire our tents at a reduced agent rate so you can add your commission for your clients – please enquire with us for Coordinator prices.

We sometimes run specials and our rates are negotiable if you are on a budget. We can beat any written quote with up to 5%. Please feel free to enquire on this as well.

Common uses for our tents:

Weddings - This is a good way to have something spectacular, different, funky, informal or formal to create the best of memories.

Corporate, private functions and events - Use them anywhere for anything. Create a unique function/event such as Bar Mitzvahs, product launches, staff and/ client evenings on rooftops, balconies, courtyards, in or outside.

Building and film industry - Why not use a tent as a place to have your meals under, accommodation (please see www.wolfkopcampingvillages.co.za) or to store equipment under for protection against the elements?

Floors, lighting and side panels:

Floors:  We have black-and-white checkered or white only dance floors to hire.

Lighting: Lighting plays a very important role in creating the perfect atmosphere and to add definition to your theme. Fairy lights brings in a warmness whereas up lights are for more bigger groups. The amount of each needed will depend on the area you have to cover or the size of the group.

Side panels: These are mainly used to keep out the cold and rain during bad weather. These see through panels still allow you to experience beautiful views.

Our sizes are as follows:

7.5 x 10 = 75 people standing or 35 people max sitting
10 x 15 = 150 people standing or 75 people max sitting
15 x 20 = 400 people standing or 170 people max sitting
20 x 30= 600 people standing or 300 people max sitting

The numbers above excludes the area needed for a dancefloor.

Our Tent colours:

White, Red, Green, beige, Grey, Orange – more abstract colours available on order.

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